Fish, Tofu & Vegetable Soup

It’s a good choice for cold weather or rainy days. This soup will warm you up.

1. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in fish fillet (I used Song fish). Fry both side till a little golden brown.

2. Pour in enough hot boiling water that covers fish. Add in two or three ginger slices and spring onion. Cover the pan with lid. Cook for at least 30mins with medium or low heat. The soup will become milky white. If you have enough time, you can cook it longer. The soup will taste better.

3. Add in chopped tofu pieces with some salt and braise for 10 mins. So the tofu will be tasty.

4. Add in the vegetables you like. I chose tomato ( small one and cut into slices), Chinese cabbage (chopped into medium pieces) and also bean vermicelli. Cook for another 5 mins.

5. Last, sprinkle some salt and black pepper as seasoning. I also added a little nutmeg powder. 

My husband loves it. With this soup you don’t need to cook other dish. With a bowl of rice, it will be a good meal.


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