Sweet & Sour Fish

This is the first time for me to try this dish. It tastes really good but looks not. I’m really terrible at making dish’s outside look good.

1. Clean the fish, and make several cut on both sides.

2. In a bowl mix starch, flour and water.

3. Make fish coated with flour & water mixture.

4. Heat a lot oil in the pan. Hold the fish by the tail. Put fish head in oil to fry. Meanwhile, use a spoon to scoop hot oil and pour over fish’s body. Repeat it till the fish becomes hard outside.

5. Put whole fish in the oil and fry till it’s done.

6. Take fish out in the plate.

7. Leave a little oil in the pan. Heat it and put in chopped garlic. 

8. Prepare the sweet sour sauce, ratio of sugar: vinegar: water = 2:1:2. Pour sauce into the pan.

9. Add 2 tsp tomato sauce in the pan. Keep stirring.

10. Add a little starchy water in the pan. Quick stir till the sauce becomes condensed.

11. Pour hot sauce onto the fish in the plate.

I was very careful but still not able to keep fish skin complete. It tastes yummy though.


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