Easy Vegetable & Chicken Stew

This is the first time for me to try this kind of stew dish. And it turned out very good.


Chicken wing stick ( marinated with a little salt and black pepper for 10-15 mins).


Bell pepper 

Cherry tomatoes



Cooking wine


1. Chop onion, bell pepper into strips. Cut cherry tomatoes into half. I used many cherry tomatoes, maybe more than 20. Cut garlic and celery into slices. 

2. Coat chicken wingstick with a little flour.

3. Heat some oil in the pan. Fry chicken wingstick till golden brown. Then take them out.

4. Stir fry vegetables in the pan. First onion, then put in celery, after that,  bell pepper. Cherry tomato at last. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper. Add in 1 tsp cooking wine and 2 tsp water.

5. Put chicken wingstick on the vegetable. Cover the pan with lid. Heat for 30 mins with medium heat. 

6. Before turn off the stove sprinkle some mixed herbs or herbs you like.

This dish really goes well with no knead bread. The chicken is also very tasty.


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